2017 Craftsman’s Challenge

What a performance from our friend Jamie and his team at



Congratulations to this achievement

1st Place in the 2017 Craftsman’s Challenge in the Category: Cabinetry

Well done!!!!


Veneer used in this job:

Quartered Tropical Olive (horizontal grained)

Quartered Australian Walnut (horizontal grained

Quartered figured Movingue (vertical grained)



Rift white oak overrun

Rift white oak spec sheet















Watford city event center

This is how they do it at O’Keefe

Thanks for sharing Bob


IWF 2016 Atlanta

We would like to thank all of our friends that made it to the show this year. For the ones that could not make it, here are some impressions!!! See you next time 😉

IWF 2016 (1)







IWF 2016 (2)







IWF 2016 (3)







IWF 2016 (4)









IWF 2016 (5)







IWF 2016 (6)







IWF 2016 (7)







IWF 2016 (8)







IWF 2016 (9)

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Waterford city event center

Check out this upcoming project in cooperation with our longtime friends from O’Keefe and a fantastic crew at JLG Architects out of Minneapolis.

Our plywood and sketch-faced veneered panels end up in the most exiting places…

WCEC lobbyWCEC ticketingWCEC Arena_update

veneer of the week – makore

Boat building, furniture, cabinetmaking, interior fittings and paneling are only a few fields where this veneer has it’s use. Learn more about this very popular African veneer and click on the picture below.

16 Makore

veneer of the week – avodire

This is one of the most beautiful blonde veneer out there! It is used for fine furniture, cabinet work and paneling. Give us a call for more information about our work or if there is anything that we can help you with.

15 Avodire

veneer of the week – Limba

This wood goes by a number of names, and historically has been called Afara or Korina, in addition to its now-prevalent moniker Limba. Used for making furniture, table tennis blades (as outer ply), and musical instruments and prized for its workability and excellent colour and finish. The most well known example of its use in guitars is when Gibson produced their now highly sought-after “Flying V”and “Explorer” guitars in 1958. Makers of table tennis blades choose limba, and in particular black limba for its flexibility and the idea that it enhances top spin play. Find out more about our selection of veneer in stock and call in or send us an email here

14 Limba

veneer of the week – american red gum

This wood has a very special bark! The sliced veneer is used for wall paneling and decorative veneering, also for interior trim, joinery and doors. Find out more about our products here and ask a pro

13 Red Gum

We here at IAP wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year

iap christmas2

veneer of the week – European walnut

This excellent veneer is used in high-class furniture, cabinetmaking and office fitting. It is cut into veneer in several forms to provide flat cut and striped veneers of plywood faces, stumpwood, crotches and burl veneers are used according to type for paneling and cabinetmaking. Find out more about plywood or our variety of species in stock…

12 Walnut

veneer of the week – gaboon

Gaboon is used extensively for manufacturer of plywood, blockboard and laminboard. Solid timber is used for interior frame construction, sports goods and cigar boxes. Selected logs are sliced into mottled and striped decorative veneers for paneling and cabinets. Find out more about IAP here on our website or give us a call!

11 Gaboon

Another incredible teak job accomplished!

Indiana Architectural Plywood worked together with Mill-Rite Woodworking in Florida, to create this beautiful addition to the Miami Dolphins facility.

Mill-Rite Woodworking

Miami Dolphins2Miami Dolphins1Miami Dolphins

32 years – 8 moths – 17 days

Today we post this, to honor our long relationship with one of the greatest in business

Parenti&Raffaeli and Indiana Architectural Plywood – Here’s to many more years to come…

Parenti & IAPParenti and IAP


veneer of the week – american cherry

This well known veneer is used to make some of the best music instruments in the world. It finds its place in manufacturing tobacco pipes, boat interiors, furniture and cabinetmaking. Our selected veneer is used to make anything from doors to outstanding wall paneling. Find out more about us and our product….

10 American Cherry

veneer of the week – European maple

This quartered or flat cut European maple in an excellent turnery wood. Selected logs are sliced for highly decorative veneers for paneling. Find out more about our architectural, commercial and residential plywood…

9 European Maple

veneer of the week – american ash

or white ash is the famous sports’ ash and used for all types of sports equipment such as bats, cues, spades, etc. vehicle bodies, shopfitting and high-class joinery. Used in plywood manufacture and also selected logs sliced into decorative veneers for furniture and paneling. Find out more about our wide range of products and our exceptional quality…8 American Ash

veneer of the week – african mahogany

Widely used for furniture and cabinetmaking, shop fitting, interior joinery. Rotary cut logs are used for plywood and sliced veneers for decorative work. Find out more about plywood, veneer, blue print and sketch faced panels….7 African Mahogany

Veneer of the Week – Beech

Sliced veneer have an excellent flecked figure and are used for decorative veneering. Find out more about stock panels, veneer edgebanding, plywood and aviation panels…6 Beech

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veneer of the week – red oak

Varies according to the density of the wood and growth conditions. Used for furniture, interior joinery, etc. Plywood manufacture and sliced for decorative veneers. Find out more about architectural, residential, commercial plywood, flexible sheets and furniture components…5 Red oak

veneer of the week – ako

Other names as chen-chen or bonkonko. Dries fairly rapidly. Used in light construction, plywood corestock and furniture interiors. Slices into attractive quartered striped decorative veneer for furniture and panelling. Find out more about panels that raise eyebrows…4 Ako

Veneer of the Week – Anigre

Quartered and flat cut veneer, that is non-resistant to termites. Used in furniture and cabinetwork, high-class joinery and also sliced for decorative veneering. Find out more about our consistency of quality, sketch faces or sequence matched panels…3 Anigre

Veneer Of The Week – White oak

Available in flat-cut, rift-cut, quarter-cut and rotary-cut. Milder than European oak to work and suitable for furniture and cabinetmaking. Rotary cut for plywood and sliced for highly ornamental veneers for paneling and decorative veneering. Find out more about veneer selection, cost-effective construction solutions and our passion…2 White oak

Veneer Of The Week – Sapeli

With available figures in plain and figured Sapele has a medium to dark reddish-brown color. Used in quality furniture and cabinetmaking, boat building, counter tops and flooring. Extensively used as a constructional veneer for plywood and selected logs are sliced for paneling and decorative face veneers for cabinets and marquetry. Find out more about veneer species, sheet products and plywood panels…1 Sapeli

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